Sunday, July 24, 2011

And Here They Are!

Hi Everyone,
Wow, I finished the ping pong ball party favors without a hitch.  I am so glad they are done.  I really wanted to take a great picture but once again my photography skills got in the way.  I like to think its the camera and not me.  I really did have a blast with these.  I just love the clear boxes.  I didn't even have to use any adhesive to hold them together.  When you slip the belly band off the box opens.  I am always happy when I use the crafty good tools I own.  Kinda makes me feel like I was right to buy them.  I used my new TC rubber stamp maker, the cricut expression to cut the boxes, the HP large format for the printing and even my fiskers cutter got a work out.  I really liked making these favors because I don't often make party favors that don't use candy.  Now I think I can think a bit further out of the candy box and start to think of other things to stuff into a cute box.  I love when I make a project and it sparks another thought in my mind.  I also don't usually make something geared toward this age group.  I do a lot of little girl style things because of my grand daughter. I make so many holiday style items too.  This project allowed me to stretch a bit.  I must say the tag is a tad rude but come on this is a party for the 20-30 set.  They deserve a laugh.  I hope Anthony and his friends like them and get a kick out of them.  I hope they all have a great time at the birthday party.(rumor has it that there will be a bouncy house and a dunk tank too!)
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Next up on my project list:
"Oh my, there are bats at the BarMitzvah"

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