Monday, July 11, 2011

As The Ping Pong Ball Bounces...

Welcome to the next episode of "As The Ping Pong Ball Bounces" ... Yes, my friends now we move to the production of 100 ping pong balls happily stuffed into little plastic boxes.  OK, I think of this little blog page as my diary so I can pretty much say what I want.  I love quantity.  Yes, I said once and I'll say it again ... I love to make a lot of the same thing.  I don't really know why.  I think it has to do with my OCD!  There is just something about lining up all the parts.  It's just CRAZY, I know but hey like I say "I 'yam what I 'yam"!  So I thought it might be fun (for me anyway) to follow this ping pong ball project (yes, it's a project now!) from start to finish.  I am laughing to myself because there are 60 blank wooden bats in a box up in the living room that need to be labeled with vinyl stickers for a Bar Mitzvah.  Come on people, this is crafty goodness at it's best.  Did I mention I work full time. (please take this jokingly as I could never really be happy if I was not in crafty turmoil) So really it is all good.  So this weekend I started the ping pong ball line up.  All went well.  I have to tell you if you have a cricut and either SCAL or MTC you can cut boxes to your hearts content.  I don't want to step on toes here but ProvoCraft made a big mistake by suing those companies or at best not making an open source software for their plotters.  I love the the expression and use it more than my other plotters. So sad that they felt the need to shut out all the creative mojo people have.  The expression is really a work horse and I cut 100 boxes (2 on a 8.5 X 11) acetate sheet in less 3 hours.  Wow ... I didn't have a glitch ... not one!  Now about the boxes:
Yet again, I am using the favorite bakery box(3rd in a row).  Same one I used at Easter and for Emma's graduation.  I rarely use the same box 3 times in succession but it just seemed to work out that way. I am pretty sure I killed this box for Halloween or Christmas 2011.  Oh well, 2012 is just 'round the corner if you know what I mean. So like I said I cut the boxes using SCAL and so far I have printed the larger front graphic (25 to a page) using DSA2.  I also printed and deckle cut the "solo cup belly band" (pics to follow) I also finished hand scoring the boxes (thank you Martha Stewart for your oh so awesome scoring board) I just can't wait to start to get all the parts of the whole in place.  I also have a new plan in regard to printing on the ping pong ball.  I am determined to get that done too (can you say Teresa Collins Stampmaker)  Well, OK, we'll see it's my last shot and like I said I am determined to get Anthony's name on the ping pong ball!!  I am really into this favor as it steps outside my normal crafting. A little bitty favor with the target demo as 30 somethings ... NOW THAT'S CRAFTY GOODNESS!!
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