Thursday, July 7, 2011

Funny Story!

Hi Everyone, Ok, so I just could not think of the right title for this post.  I tried them all, things like "How I Print On Odd Objects" or "Never Give This Girl A Screw Driver!" maybe even ... "Don't Leave Your Toys Where Nonna Can Play With Them" So I just settled on "Funny Story" and here it is.....
So Donna (remember Donna, sure you do .. she is the friend, co-worker and library volunteer that I always mention) needed a favor for her son Anthony's 30th Birthday bash.  So true to form if there is a party you know I believe it needs a favor. Yes, it is a belief not a need!! So we went back and forth with a few ideas (s'mores) REALLY, S'MORES!! People the mass of the party is 20-30 somethings.  I can't relate. Well maybe I can.  Anthony and his peeps are big into beer pong.  I so don't promote drinking games (pause to take a sip of my martini) no really I so so so do not promote drinking games. (But, somewhere in the back far reaches of my mind I remember playing a simple drinking game called THUMBER!) Enough!!! I just needed a favor that these kids might get a kick out of and this is what happend ...
Lysa said "Paul, how do you think I can print on a ping pong ball"
"try rubber stamping with stazon ink"said Paul
And it worked, but the rubber stamp was a flower and sadly I had no rubber stamp that said Anthony's 30th Birthday. So then Paul said ..."make a flash stamp with your Brother flash stamp machine and fill the stamp with stazon ink."
Wow, that worked too but I could not apply the stamp to the ball correctly .  Round objects are rough!
Then Paul said "check youtube, maybe you'll get an idea"
and that's where it really starts ....
so I see on youtube all these printers that print on rounded objects.  For like a thousand dollars you can buy a cool printer that prints on anything from coffee mugs to tote bags.  But wait! the little girl that lives in my house (and happens to be on vacation at the beach!) has a printer that prints on finger nails.  Finger nails are kinda round ... kinda! Darn the ball is to big for the slot. OK get a screw driver and let's take the housing off of the printer guts and then we can just hold the ping pong ball up to the print head.  Did it work? You tell me. Here are the pictures .....
                                                                               In my own defense I was able to get the Barbie Nail Printer back together and in working order. Rory is never going to know what happened to her printer while she was happily playing on the beach in LBI. (well that would be true as long as she does not read this post when she comes home)

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