Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Button Project and Mr. Plot -Tair Makes It Easy!

So back in the 1980's (the early 1980's)  I bought a "Badge a Minit" button maker.  I used it a lot back then.  I made all kinds of buttons and magnets with the kids pictures. All kinds of crafty good stuff.  I paid about $25.00 or so for the start up kit.  I haven't used it much in recent years so it is sitting all boxed up on the bottom of a very big pile of forgotten craft tools.  Well, my friend Donna asked if buttons could be made for her son Adam's Disney wedding.  I thought for sure that it could be done.  What the bonus was is that with my new ZING (Mr. Plot-Tair) it was awesome easy crafty goodness!!!!  And not just that, it breathed new life into a tool I already owned.  I made the graphic in my DS2 software and imported it as a texture into MTC.  MTC would have worked as well but I move much faster in DS2.  The ZING has an awesome print and cut feature and it made quick work of making the buttons.  I remember hand cutting the circles and never getting a perfect circle.  Now I can cut a whole page.  If Donna decides she wants these I will have to make about 100.  I will format them on 12X12 paper and should be able to get 12 buttons to a sheet.  How cool is that!  I can't wait for Donna to see the buttons.  I think she is going to love them.
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