Friday, January 27, 2012

A Shout Out of Thanks!

Hi Everyone,
I am so excited to say I won a bloggie prize from She's Crafty!  Here is her bloggie address:
Now, first off let me just give Kris a huge SHOUT OUT of THANKS!  Here it is:
THANKS KRIS!!!!!!!!!
WOW! wish that was a bit bigger and with a drum roll and cymbal. But Kris knows I am thankful.  I just want to say that I admire people who have blogs that inspire and Kris's is for sure one.  The prize win came from her blog post "Finish it Friday"  Why I loved this concept so much is because I sit in a room that is filled (and I mean filled!) with half finished and not even started projects (PLEASE do not ask me discuss the air eraser etching tool or the vinyl glass block projects)(ummm.... I not going to mention my BOSSES grandmothers 7 needlepoints that are here waiting to be cleaned and remounted after floating in a basement flood from hurricane Irene which was back in August!)  OK so my plate is a bit full.  It's OK because Kris has the solution.  See I made the list and I am going to "Finish It Friday".  So to my Boss, I say "you will see your Grandmother's needlepoint prior to June.  To my Granddaughter I say "We will have the Valentine's ready for school by Feb. 14. To my friend Donna I say "the 200 pin back buttons will be ready before you leave for Florida for the wedding and don't worry we will get those library volunteer gifts done too!" To my dear Hubs I say "I will use the air eraser and aluminum oxide you bought me, so no you did not throw $100.00 down the crapper.  and most of all to Kris I say Thanks bloggie do gooder, your inspiration is worth more than you know.
I am signing off because it is Friday and that means it is time to:
Have a great week end and thanks again Kris!

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  1. You are welcome! Enjoy the inks and make sure you post your projects on Friday on my linky! Let's see what you get done! ~Kris