Monday, January 9, 2012

The Zing Has A Name!

Hi Everyone,
Please pardon my silly post, but around this homestead we have a habit of naming things.  You know the cars, the toys, the music equipment and the like.  So when the ZING came to play at our house we knew it needed a name.  Well after so many names (need I mention "Harry Plotter")  I finally settled on the name.  Are you
ready ... wait for it! Here it is,
Mr. Plot-tair!
Yes, that's right! named for the beloved sitcom "Welcome back Kotter" staring Gabe Kaplan (a fond memory for the hubs and myself) Every time Boom Boom Washington said his name I cracked up! That is how he said Mr. Kotter's name(Mr. Kot-tair). So I have named this awesome plotter ... MR. PLOT-TAIR! and I love it.  Why you may ask because just like any teacher this guy is going to take me on adventures and to places I have never dreamed about. I just love him!  He has been cutting up a storm and I can't wait to post the crafty goodness he has produced.  Have a great night and Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey! I used to watch that show...loved it. Beware of the tuna casserole. I also watched Mork & Mindy. Oh, and we name our stuff too. Usually when it breaks. We have a ladder I call rickety for obvious reasons! ~kris