Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Just Want To BEE Friends

click on the pic ... it's pretty
Hi There Everyone,
Pardon my non crafty post and just look at my BEE picture.
Oh how I love the bees that populate my neighbors bushes. I took this shot while standing in the pool. That is my little bit of backyard heaven. I am in awe of how many bees there are and how hard they are working at gathering up all the pollen. This bush hangs over the far side of my pool and year after year I watch the bees as they coat themselves in all this yellow pollen. I can watch them for hours. You know I live in a somewhat urban area. Major highways are this towns claim to fame. Sometimes I get sad at how our town has changed ... but I can still find my bit of nature lurking around this wired city. I have big ole fat ground hog that is living under my shed (probably doing scads of damage) and rabbits like crazy who are eating everyone's tomato plants. Birds by day and I can even see bats at night. I Don't even want to talk about the squirrels that are all over my deck. But it is all good with me because if they are all willing to put up with this city than I will surely put up with them. Here is one more bee shot I took and just so you know in another week or two I should be able to grab some shots of dragonflies.
I am almost done with my little breather from crafting and hope to start my Halloween goodies soon. Thanks for stopping by and hope you check in soon to see what I come up with for my fall projects. Blessings and hope you all are enjoying the summer! Lysa
click on the pic ... I love this bee!

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