Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's All JUNK! or Don't Be So Negative!

Hi Everyone,
So the other day I am rooting through the basement and I come across this plastic bin of junk (that is junk as in my folks stuff that I simply can't throw out) I have so many definitions of the junk. Like there is junk as in the ole stuff junk (other wise known as pre - marital junk) and I have kitchen junk (stuff I will never use and refuse to get rid of) the kids junk (are they every going to move out) The hubs junk (do I need to explain that one?) Other peoples junk (stuff they were getting rid of and I felt the need to rescue it) and of course there is my favorite, craft junk (I am taking that with me when I go, just in case they put me in the angel wing department and I need that obnoxious huge supply of white organza favor bags that I own) Now one would think that would be enough junk for one person, sadly I come from the mind set that a person just can't have enough junk so enter the new little piece of joy (my new photo and negative scanner) which will happily live in my electronic junk category.
The story goes like this:
What I found in the plastic bin o' folks junk was some slides and negatives. Which I then pulled out so that I could add them to my bin of old photos and negatives. Which by the way is just different plastic bin of junk. I opened my bin to throw their negatives in and I just could not believe how many negatives I had! yup, about 4 thousand or so. I got 35mm, 110mm, slides and even these odd disc wheel negatives.  WOW that doesn't even include the prints. I got boxes and bags filled with photos and negatives and slides.  I don't have to tell you, because I know you have them too! Here is just one shot of the mess:
Times that picture by 5 and we are getting close to what I have in negatives. Gee, I thought I should just throw them out, but wait I can't just throw them away without seeing whats on them, right? I mean who knows what is on them. I see things labeled 1960. Beside in the grand scheme of JUNK they take up so little space! So I thought a great project to start (a by the way, never finish) was to scan in all the negatives and prints.  I figure by the time I do this my grand daughter will have graduated college or maybe she will be married with children and taking pictures and giving them to me to scan.  See where I am headed.  It will never end! Did I mention that I am waiting for the UPS dude to deliver my new cropper hopper photo boxes. I got 2, each one holds 2000 photos with room for negatives of course. Yes, silly they are made of plastic.  They will fit right in with all the other junk. Thanks for reading my junky little story. Just a couple of quick notes about the scanner.  I have a lot of 110mm negatives and the scanner only comes with holders for slides and 35mm negatives.  I used my ZING to cut a holder out of black cardstock and it works like a charm.  Looks like the only thing I can't use it for is the disc wheel. Also to bump up the quality for printing you do need to make some adjustments in a photo editing software like photoshop. I hope you have a great weekend. I will leave you with this picture of my Dad.  It was one of the slides I found in their box and it was the first thing I scanned.  I peg it for the early '50s.
Sure do miss him! I love the picture and now you know why I couldn't just throw out the negatives!


  1. Hi Lysa - Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog about my traffic woes. I have to figure out our car situation, then I will give that darned ticket a little more thought. The insurance company says it won't affect me much at all due to my age (for the first time, I don't mid getting older!) and that I've never had an accident or a claim. They told me to pay it and move on. So, that's probably what I will do. I am a CHICKEN! Thanks again! Shara PS. I kept all my old negatives too and didn't know what to do with them. Thanks!

  2. Hi Shara,
    Wishing you the best, I know all will work out. I love visiting your blog. I laugh every time I see all your junky goodies. My negative/photo project is going well. I got some awesome shots from the 60's scanned today. Glad you stopped by for a visit, see you soon.