Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm Still Crafty but It's Summer!

So here we are almost the end of July! Oh no where is summer going.  I am lost in the little sunshine I get when I am not at work. I have been ignoring just about everything so that I can get some pool time in. The house, a mess! Laundry, oh so many loads ... so little time! Well I am surely tan and filled with sunshine! Yeah, I will take it while I can get it!! So not to bore you with yet another non crafty post I had to show you all my dragonfly picture.  I will tell you they are just getting started. Awesome little creatures, I just love them.  I have been seeing monarch butterflies as well but I just can't get the shot.  I still have time, I know I can get at least one. For now here is my dragonfly ... so cute with his little bubble eyes!  I can watch them for hours.  Thanks for staying with me I am sure I will be back in crafty mode very soon ... after all Halloween is on the way!!!!
He is just a baby, Some of the others look like birds!!
Have a great day! Lysa

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