Monday, October 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Donation Basket Is Done!

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As you may know from past posts, my daughter Samantha works for an Oncology office.  As in the past I have mentioned how cancer is a large part of life for all the employees of the office.  I simply cannot sing their praises enough. Through out the year the office participates in numerous fund raising events as well as having some in office mood elevators (like luncheons and such).  During October each year the office donates a basket for auction at a local event.  Sam and I have been assembling the baskets for a few years now.  Here is a picture of this years:
  Look how awesome and big this years is!  The staff went all out! There is all kinds of good stuff in that bad boy!  Pants, shorts, shirts, candles, travel mug, note pads, handmade scarf . . .  I can't even list the goodies there is so much!  But you know what my favorite part of this basket is? 'come on you know . . .  it's my awesome butterfly! Yup, the same one that will be on the cupcakes for their luncheon.  Here is a close up:
Print and cut with my MTC of course. I just love it.  Would make a great t-shirt decal wouldn't it? Back over the summer I uploaded this butterfly over at the MTC forum.  I have tweaked it just a bit and you can grab it as a vector .pdf here:
This file will import into MTC so that you can alter it to suit your needs. I hope you will leave me a comment to let me know if you use it or if you have any questions. I did remove our Doctor's name so that you can add whatever you wish to the center.  Maybe even add other words or name that may mean something more personal to you.  I hope you like my butterfly and use it too.  I also hope you, I, and all of us enjoy days filled with good health!
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  1. Wow, What an awesome job. The basket is amazing and for such a great cause. Kudos to you gals for putting that together.

  2. OMG, What a fabulous basket!
    How awesome of you to support the cause in this way!!!!
    Thanks for joining us at Link Up For Pink!!!

  3. I still love this! What a great cause and it looks very professional! A real treat for the recipient! & Thx for the file at MTC! ;)

  4. Thanks Everyone,
    Lori and Esther I hope you grabbed the file and make something with it.
    Luv2 I can't thank you enough for your comments and for following. I am starting to feel like a real blogger!