Thursday, October 11, 2012

Houston, We Have A Cabbage! Part 1

Hi Everyone,
So back in April the little girl comes home from school with this seedling from Bonnie plants and a application to enter for some scholarship prize money.  Really! Great concept but I don't even have a garden. I grow the same things every year (in containers no less). 1 rosemary plant, 1 basil plant. That's it.  On a good year I throw a few impatiences in the planter on the front steps.  Don't get me wrong, I like plants but they don't like me. I once heard a rumor that I am not allowed to visit winery's because as I walk through the grapes they fall from the vines! OK, so that's just something I made up in my head, but really my thumb is not green it is actually Stazon black from inking up some crafty goodness. But who could say no to face like that! So in lieu of my basil I gave Rory my second largest pot and a bag of soil.  I let her plant her seedling. Wow, it was worth it. She grew her awesome cabbage!  She really took the time to take care of it.  When she went away for summer vacation her Poppy was under strict orders to water it and talk to it.  He did a good job, You go Poppy!!!! This week Rory and I went outside and cut her cabbage.  I could not believe what a great job she did.  This Sunday if all goes well we are going to eat  it. Yup, as soon as I come up with some sort of recipe Rory and I are going to make something delish out of that cabbage! Ummmm . . . . . . cabbage (Sure it couldn't be an eggplant or a zucchini, something I understand) Stay tuned for part 2 I am sure you are all on the edge of your seat wondering what we are going to make with it.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh My! Lysa, This is beautiful! Your little one did an amazing job! I am like you. I do want a garden but fear it will turn out as every plant does that I try and that is a lot of work for very meager results, LOL.
    There are some great cabbage recipes on (my go to) but we cook cabbage very often here in NC (at our house anyway)...
    That is a prize cabbage if I do say! You can let her try again and add a few squash or melon, etc and enter into the State Fair.. well, if you all have an autumn state fair with veggies and fruits... It really does look like a winner! Good job for her! I am impressed!


  2. Hi Luv,
    I will check out allrecipes for sure. I have found things there before as well. My friend Kelly gave me her Aunts idea of "unrolled" stuffed cabbage. She makes it layered in a casserole dish using her regular recipe. Maybe we will try that one, it sounded yummy!

  3. Oh! I do that one too when I don't have time to do the "rolled" version... It is very yummy and really quick in comparison! I know you all will enjoy it no matter which way prepared! She must be so proud! Good Luck on a dish!