Monday, October 15, 2012

The Cabbage - Part 2

Hi Everyone,
We did it! We ate the cabbage! Yummy cabbage goodness landed at dinner last night! I am not sure which was better, the cabbage or the fact that Rory grew it, took care of it, or cooked it.  So here is the end of the cabbage story.  So true to form I start looking at all these recipes for stuffed cabbage.  I wanted so bad to make stuffed cabbage.  I thought it would be a good thing to do. I'll say while the recipes seemed pretty basic, they all seemed a bit time consuming.  So as luck would have it, I was out to dinner with my friend Geri on Saturday night.  I told her all about Rory's cabbage and how I planned this whole stuffed cabbage thing.  I told her I was looking at recipes, I was going to take her to the store to get all the ingredients, and how we were going to spend the whole day doing the cabbage thing! Yup, pretty much from what Geri told me was we would be spending the WHOLE DAY! Now, Geri is of Polish decent and her hubby is Hungarian so right then and there you know this is a chick who knows her cabbage. Geri told me a better plan! Now you need to know I have been eating this woman's food for years, and just like her food, her advice was spot on.  Geri gave me a quick primer on Hungarian cabbage and noodles.  I know it has another name, I think some call it Haluski (not sure, I think some call it Haluska or Halusky) I think the Polish even have a different name. Whatever it is called it is A-1 in my book for sure.  Geri was right, it was quick and easy, it held Rory's attention and made for not just a fantastic experience of cooking with Rory, it made an awesome dish from the cabbage that Rory grew.  I did watch a few youtube videos before we started and I added a ham steak that I happened to have as I had no bacon in the house. Simple and easy and totally DELISH!!!! Just look at our pictures:
 Does that not look awesome good? It was! and to answer the question as to what was the best part of Rory's cabbage ... That's easy just look at these pictures:
For sure the best part of Rory's cabbage was spending time in the kitchen with her.  And a quick shout out of thanks to my friend Geri, the cabbage and noodles recipe was the perfect recipe to use.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to get one last Halloween post up in the next day or so.


  1. Did Rory win any scholarship money and will you share the noodle cabbage recipe? Nice story. Enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Don't know yet if Rory won. The submission was just entered. I went to the Bonnie cabbage project website and there is a picture of last years winner. Wow the cabbage was huge. I think Rory's was really small in comparison. Anyway it was fun. To make the cabbage and noodles just cut up the cabbage,and some onions. Saute them down in some butter till translucent, add diced ham. Cook your noodles, drain and mix together. yummy! If you google cabbage and noodles you will see many variations. It was really good. There are lots of you tube videos too. Hope you try it. Thanks for visiting.

  3. The dish looks awesome and I think the real win is the quality time you all spent together. Must have been so fun! I think she should get some reward from her entry but tell her if not, no worries, try again. Think of the next awesome dish and time spent. She is lucky to have such an involved grandma.