Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Favorite Bakery Box

Hi Everyone,
I am a bit early posting this week as I am off for Election Day.  I got to the Polls early so that left me with some time to get crafty.  I have the TV on to the local news and all they are talking about is the expected snowstorm for tomorrow.  This can't be, a snowstorm 1 week after a hurricane! Of course I have to work a double tomorrow! I am trying to keep a good thought but I am getting to the end of my rope. With that said, we had Halloween yesterday on November 5th.  I was happy that the kids got to go Trick or Treating but it was so cold and so dark. I felt bad for the kids and the Mom's and Dad's too! Rory went with a few friends with her Dad and Poppy in tow.  I have a feeling all will be sneezing by the weekend. OK, thanks for letting me vent for a moment, Now for the crafty goodness.  Here is my all time, most favorite, awesome crafty good bakery box!  I love this box and as you can see from the picture (and previous blog posts) that I use it all the time. Here is the picture of the file:
It surly looks like a silly pattern but I gotta tell you it is a great box.  Super easy to re-size as long as you maintain the aspect ratio. You can make as big as you need.  I love making it out of Staples index cardstock because it looks so much like a bakery box.  It has no tab closure so you need to tie, ribbon or belly band it closed.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  Here is the link to the .pdf file:
And for my MTC fans (who I love dearly) here is the file:
Enjoy this file everyone and if you use it I would love to see a picture.  Please continue to keep us all here in the Northeast in your thoughts and prayers.  So many lost their homes and so many still with no power. I can't say enough how horrible the last week has been for so many.  I will say the kindness of people has been awesome. Blessing to you all and thanks for visiting,


  1. Hey Lysa,
    Love the box! Thx so much.
    Still praying for you guys. I work a double tomorrow too. We just lost our Internet connection in our area (I am using my hotspot with kindle right now)... bad thing is, kindle doesn't allow everything so I cant get to my govt email for my job location directions for tomorrow... they don't expect it back up tip 4 am which is... okay... but I am usually on the road by then or shortly after... I will be winging the trip tomorrow and hope once I get to the city itself, I find my way by stopping in at gas stations. I don't have gps... just cant see myself adding that expense since it is not a write off.
    Other bad thing means I cant download anything right now or see lots of video if they require Java... I feel so out of touch. Lol
    Thank goodness I have blog access and the forum does come through no probe on my kindle.
    Btw, in that 3rd pic, are those ornaments in the box? I am trying to make a good strong ornament box for mailing... I will use bubble wrap too but that is what I have been doing. Beaded ornament covers and some I have included the glass ornament with so the coordination stays... not sure if everyone has the colors I meant to go for some of the wraps.
    I am trying to use some thick cardboard and make it still strong enough to stay box shape as well as keep ornament in position while in the mail... will see how it goes. If I am not sattisfied I will wrap them in individual sturdy plastic containers as well as bubble wrap and then put in a box to send.

  2. Lysa, keeping you in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing another great file. They are greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi All,
    Thanks for your comments, Enjoy the bakery box, you will love making them. Was suppose to work a double today but our building lost power so we had to shut down. I heard 7 transformers blew. I feel so bad for all that just got their power back. It is snowing and starting to stick. UGHHHHH, snow before Thanksgiving, not a good sign. Can't wait to upload my next box I think you will all love it so check back soon and again thanks for your comments.
    @Luv, The 3rd box in the picture is little chocolate Easter eggs. I made a little insert for the box to hold them. I have that file somewhere, let me know if you need it. I don't think these boxes will keep glass safe
    as the paper might not hold up to bumps and bruises. Hope this helps, Lysa