Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Storm Named Sandy

Hi Everyone,
 I want to send prayers out to all who have been devastated by hurricane Sandy.  We made it through the storm thanks to the Hubs and the good graces of the Lord.  Power was back for us within 2 days. Though our community still has many areas without power, all are helping out.  Our water front area was hit hard and people have lost everything. Gas is an issue, but the grocery stores have food. We are safe and warm.  For those who have lost their homes, I have no words, only prayers. Today my family and I count our blessings and wish everyone from the Jersey shore and through out the eastern coast and tri-state area a speedy restoration from this horrible hurricane. Blessing to All,

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  1. So glad you all have made it through. We are also sending prayers to everyone up North. Nothing like a little reminder from God that we are here because he wants us to be. We are thankful for today and look forward to tomorrow, whatever it may bring. I do truly hope the cities can pull through and fix damages without bringing much financial hardship to the citizens though... I love watching your blog. It always gives me a lift.