Sunday, May 12, 2013

Room 2 - Started!!

Hi Everyone,
First off Happy Mother's Day Wishes to all!!  Today the family is taking the day off for some family time down at Mom's, so it's no construction day here at the homestead. Which is a good thing as I could use a breather from all the room redo stuff.  We did have a chance to get Rory's new room started.  Sam worked all week long getting the rest of her stuff out of her old room, happily filling her new space.  It does look awesome in that room.  In fact it is currently the nicest room in the house!  I was able to get into room 2 to give it a wash down and start to get the walls ready for painting.  No lie, it was a hot mess in there. When the carpet (area rug) was lifted I was a bit disappointed in how the floor has held up. Normally I would not deal with the flooring until after painting but I felt like I needed to know if I could save this floor without bringing in a professional floor company to refinish it.  Not only did I not want to spend the budget money, I want to be able to stick to my schedule and be painting next weekend. I did some fast research and online I saw many floor reviving kits.  I saw Rustoleum, Minwax & Bona.  All great brands.  I chose the Minwax for no other reason than availability.  Please know these kits are for sprucing up a floor and not refinishing.  Our floor most likely needed a full refinish but I thought I would go for the $50.00 fix just to see if it would work.  I will let you decide.  Here are the before and afters of the floor:
In the before you can see that there is hardly any varnish left in the high traffic area. This happened because I did not have a proper backing to the area rug and just the movement of the area rug wore away the varnish.  I won't make that mistake again.  You can see where the furniture and bed were protecting the floor.
I took the before picture in the morning and the after in the evening.  Wow, $50.00 and a couple of hours, It sure worked for me.  I think the Minwax reviver did an awesome job!  It states on the label not for raw unvarnished wood but I am glad I gave it a try because it worked great. Now I will have to be super careful when I paint but at least I know I won't be putting in more than an area rug (this time with a proper backing).  So if all goes well but the end of next Saturday I will at least have the ceiling painted and maybe even a coat of paint on the walls.  Thanks for visiting and hope you check back soon to see what happens to this room.

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  1. That Minwax worked wonders Lysa! Amazing transformation. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with Rory's room now...I bet she's excited :) Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.
    Hugs xx