Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some Final Pics of Room 1

Hi Everyone,
So as room 1 comes to a close and we begin room 2, I thought I would post a few last pics of Sam's new room.  I am sure by now she is sick of me running in there with my camera.  Sam still has a bit to move and hang and I now feel like "my work here is done" I really am happy with the way things turned out and I know I left enough "undone" so that Sam can spend some time decorating her room.  My original plan was to post a bunch of before and afters, however I lost sight of that plan about a month ago. So here are just a few more pictures to show off our hard work:
 Left to do here is the wire covers for the hanging TV and as soon as I have my craftspace back there will be window treatments in black and white stripes and runners for her dressers.
And a cute little coffee table makes for a nice seating area!

 This bookshelf was not planned for here, but it fit nicely. The closet door opens fully and when the bedroom door is open it covers less than half of the bookshelf.  The lesson here is that compromise can be good.
Left to do here is the third picture to the lower right of her guitar.  And yes, her clock is counter clockwise as is my lovely daughter who knows how to march to the beat of her own drum.
And what seems to be touching my heart the most is what she hasn't sold, donated or given away.  I am seeing things from her childhood that she has kept for so long.  That is my Steiff Pasha tiger and a troll doll (We call him Poppy). Both have a lot of meaning to us all in the house.
So now it is on to the next room which I am now calling the Music - Broadway room.  To be honest it has a super tight budget and I am not sure how it will come out.  But I can tell you that the little one wants that same green color as her Mom! So don't be surprised when you see this same color with a music note border.  Thanks for visiting and check back when you can as I sure can't wait to get back to some crafty goodness!


  1. Mom I love my new room, and don't worry about a before and after because I am working on that right now. Between all the pics you took, and the ones I have we have a perfect before and after video, which as you know I love to make. Thank you for all your help. Happy early Mothers Day I Love You.

  2. WOW WOW wonder Sam loves her new room!! This turned out stunning Lysa! This definitely was worth all the hard work. You can come decorate my house anytime you feel like it :) I can't wait to see the next one all done....but mostly I'm hanging out to see your new crafty space...and have you back making all those brilliant creations!
    Hugs xx