Sunday, May 26, 2013

Room 2 Is Almost There!!

Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home? Oh wait that is just a flash back to my youth! OK, OK, I just needed to express that.  Indulge me if you will as I am a bit off  since we started this whole room redo business.  Can you believe I looked the "Hubs" in the eye and said ...
(and I quote) "I am nothing without my craft supplies" Oh yes, sad, I know .... but I really said that.  And what is really sad was at the time I am pretty sure I meant it.  To be honest I think I said it while I was in the garage, crawling over the snow blower to get to my sewing machine. It may have been when I was in the basement where I put all the "VIP" craft supplies and was digging out my ZING and my rolls of vinyl.  I'm not sure when I said it but I did say it.  So what seems to be happening is that all my carefully packed up craft supplies are now needed for decorating Rory's room.  So I am digging for everything and just making a mess of the boxes and the order of things. The living room and dining room are starting to look like a craft room.  The little one's bedroom is all painted and just waiting for furniture and decorations.  Rory requested a Broadway musical theme, which at first I thought would be fun and easy. True to form I have gone full blown nuts and I am now out of control.  So I go online and look for bedding that has a musical theme.  That did not go so well.  I guess music notes are not "trending" right now.  While I did see a few nice sets, none were available locally.  By locally I mean in the United States.  Sure there are some in China and Canada, but the shipping or the bulk buying made them unavailable to me.  Well then, let's just make it.  Here is a picture (minus the headboard, which is coming this week):
 How cute is her blanket?! I think the first thing I learned to make in Brownies was to tie fabric together.  With today's Polar Fleece it was a snap.  Music notes on one side and solid black on the other side, it came out great.
Next up was her window treatment.  I could not find curtains with music notes after searching for 2 days. Hobby Lobby bailed me out with some sheet music fabric that I made quick strips out of.  I bought an extra set of black sheets so that I could make the strips one side sheet music and the other solid black. Here are pictures of the windows:

How simple is that! And left over cotton sheeting to add a strip to the ready made sheet set, and a pillow too!  Here is the pic:

What's that above the window you ask? That's the awesome vinyl Broadway border we are creating (as we go, I might add) Here are some pics of our Playbill inspired vinyl wall art.

And that music staff! Wow, thanks to MTC and my ZING that is the actual notes to the song Look Down from Les Miserables. Here is a picture of that action:
 You know what my favorite part of this picture is? Why it's the fact that the same tablecloth is in my diaper cake video from 2007. See, I take care of my things! Please check back to see the finished border and room.  The furniture arrives this week and we did recycle some things from Rory's old room.  I can see how excited she is each time she peers in to see how things are going.  I feel blessed and lucky that I am able (along with the Hubs and our daughter Sam) to provide this room and space for my awesome Grand-daughter.  Did I mention she is singing a solo of "castle on a cloud" in her spring concert? My joke of the day is that I think we should make Room #3 a guest room because my craft supplies look right at home in the dinning room (after all, that's where they started out!)  Enjoy what's left of the holiday weekend and check back soon to see the finished room.Lysa


  1. The rooms are looking great!!! I love Rory's room looks amazing! Love the musical theme and loving the vinyl border with the playbills!!

  2. Another WOW on this room Lysa! No wonder Rory is so excited, it's coming up brilliantly :) Love the Broadway theme...and how well did you do tracking down all that music fabric!! Love the playbills & music bars around the walls too. It's very exciting seeing Rory's room nearly finished. This means your crafty space isn't far off being done :) Mr Zing does look comfy on the table but I'm sure he'd prefer his own space where he can have you all to himself lol
    Not much crafting happening here either at present :( I've just ordered 2 Australian Girl dolls (like the American Girl) for my GDs birthdays this year, so I'm about to embark on making an entire wardrobe of clothing for them both. My beautiful sewing machine won't know what's hit it, it's been so neglected for such a long time!! So I'm OBSESSED with doll's clothes patterns right now lol Just need to think of something I can do for the dolls in paper :)
    Can't wait to see your next room update.
    Hugs xx