Saturday, June 22, 2013

Craftspace Update, I Am On Schedule!

Hi Everyone,
The ole homestead is still on hot mess! We are all running our tails off around here with all kinds of activities in addition to trying to complete the room redos. The end of the school year is upon us.  We enjoyed Rory's solo at her spring concert. She did an awesome job.  Birthdays and graduations, along with a charity project of Sam's have all added up to one heck of a busy family! I have been using vacation time to try to get the painting done and finishing the last room.  I am almost there. Before I give you all a bit of a sneak peak I wanted to show you a few of the tricky tray prizes for a charity event that Sam is participating in for a cancer fund raiser.  We made eight gift bags/baskets for the raffle and they came out great.  No bow work on these because that will be done by someone else.  The bows will dictate the ticket entry amount.  We still have 2 more to do by Monday so I know what we will be doing tomorrow.  Here are 3 of the them:

I love doing baskets.  It is so much fun filling them up with all the goodies.  I hope the event bring in lots of money for their donation.  This event is person specific and it is my understanding that this patient is in great need because in addition to being so ill he lost his home back in October when Superstorm Sandy hit Jersey.
Now the craftspace is coming along great and I really think I will make my July 3rd target date to move in.  I will be using more of my vacation time for the July 4th holiday to really be finished and moved in.  Every time I walk into the room I get excited about moving all my crafty good supplies into their new home.  Here are a few pictures of how it looks right now:
 It took us all of last weekend to install the barrel fan and the 2 tracks of lighting.  I love both the fixtures.  The track is a metal branch shape and really provides a lot of light.  There are 12 - 50 watt bulbs.  Paul installed a dimmer switch so that I can tone them down when needed.  The fan is cool too.  No more blades to clean.  It operates independently from the tracks and the little center light makes for a great night light.  The leaves on the fan and the tracks don't really match but hard as I tried I could not find a barrel fan that matched the tracks perfectly.  The wall color is called Sag Harbor and I can see on my screen the picture does not show the true color.  The green is very mossy and almost looks gray at some points of the day.
Here is a bad shot of the Ikea Billy bookcases.  I have glass doors for the center unit that need to be installed.  The first unit will hold machines, the second is for paper and the third is for supplies.  I got those green baskets from Joann's on sale for $5.99 and I had a coupon for 20% off my order. But my real find was those black bins a Lowes.  Here is the ad:

Oh yes, Score! $5.77! When I first saw them they were $14.99.  Then they went on sale for $11.54. I even saw them for $8.08 and then they posted for $5.77.  I bought every one that they had at my local store.  Now I really need to tell you I had to bump them up a bit.  I glued the frame for more strength.  This shelve got a horrible review in the online review section but I knew I could make it stronger with a bit crafty good glue! Paul is cutting a white melamine shelf for the top and they will be linked together with zip ties in the back and inside.  I am thinking this will be my ribbon storage.  I know it can handle the weight because I made one eight drawers high for Sam and it is filled with DVDs. I like these so much I made this unit too.
See the open closet in the background?  I took the doors of the closet off and that is the space for the home office.  I have so much more to do in the next 2 weeks if I want to get my things moved in by the first week of July.  I am loving it all so far and I hope you stop back a visit to see how it comes out.  Wishing you all a great weekend.


  1. Wow, everything is looking fabulous in your crafty room!! I am loving your lighting and a little jealous of it too. lol Now you got a ceiling fan but it doesn't have blades?!!! That is sounding like heaven! lol I hate cleaning those blades. Your baskets look amazing too, I hope they bring in lost of money for this person as it sounds like he is really in need.

  2. Your room is looking fantastic already Lysa :) I LOVE organised storage....all your buys will be brilliant for sorting your crafty goodness into. Those drawers were a steal at that price, even if you do need to reinforce them a little. The track lighting is a great idea. I'm taking note of that for my next craft'll be able to spotlight each area you use without having lamps everywhere!
    The baskets look wonderful. Lucky people who win them :) Great cause and I'm sure everyone really appreciated your efforts.
    Hugs xx

  3. Hi Lysa! Thanks so much for letting me know you found me again. I love anyone that takes a minute to read my silly chatting. Tanks for letting me know how you found me too! Very clever!