Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Craft Room Started!

Hi Everyone,
It's a beautiful day here in Jersey and I should be out in the much needed (and awaited) sunshine. Instead I decided if I didn't get started with cleaning my newly acquired room I would not be able to paint next weekend.  I didn't get much done yesterday as I was helping Sam with 3 baskets that she needed to make for a cancer fund raiser so other than getting the furniture out of the room and lifting the carpet out not much was done.  It was really bad in there as we were kind of using that room as a dumping ground during the makeover of the other 2 rooms.  Here is the last picture I took before we started to haul out the rest of the furniture from the room:
If you could see our garage you would bust a gut laughing.  My line lately is "This place is a fireman's worst nightmare!"  Do you remember the picture of all my craft stuff loaded into the garage?(let's revisit that):
I was still able to get my car in there.  Now from digging in boxes, having all the pre-fab furniture arrive and be put together for the other 2 rooms the garage now looks like this:
Oh yeah, That's about where we are at!  See the one small exit path?  That is how we come and go.  I figure in an emergency it's single file only! And if you don't trip on cardboard or wood, you may just get out alive!  All kidding aside, I bet my car is back in the garage sometime around the end of July (or at least prior to the first snow fall).  Something tells me even after numerous trips to the recycling center there still will be a dumpster in my driveway.
Yesterday we lifted the carpet and I started to clean the room.  The floor in this room was in much better condition than Sam's (old), Rory's (new) room.  While the carpet in this room was replaced many times over the years the padding wasn't and as we touched it, it just fell apart in our hands.  With clouds of yucky red dust.  It was awful!  I said to Sam that I could not believe Rory wasn't having allergy problems living in this space.  Once all the carpet was out I swept and vacuumed for what seemed like hours.  This morning when I woke up I began cleaning the floor.  It really was not in bad condition at all.  The only real damage was from the carpet installer who cut the padding in place leaving 2 huge knife gouges in the floor.  This same damage was on the floor in the other room too. Unless the floor has a full refinish I will just have to live with them.  I didn't take a before picture of the floor but I did use the Minwax cleaner and reviver and it came out great.  Here is a picture of my nice clean and happy wood floor:

I am happy with the result and I think once the furniture is in place you won't see to much of the gouges.  I am going to paint this room green, but not the same green as the girls used.  I am looking for something along the line of  a sage or a pale olive type color. The accent colors will be black and white just as in the other rooms.  I hope to be done painting by next week end and working on my work counter and new lighting.  I am so excited that it's time for my room that my mind is racing at the thought of all my craft supplies happily in place in this new space. I just can't stop thinking about how I will be aranging things. Silly I know but crafting is the one hobby that has always been in my life.  I have just always loved haveing a bit of glue and a few bits of this and that to make something.  Better yet making something and giving it to someone.  I just get such a kick out of  that.  It's funny what keep us all going.  You know, that reason to get up and go to work thing.  This is just my thing that makes me smile.  Thanks for visiting and check back to see the paint job.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your new crafty room!! Looking good so far with the floor! Gosh how I wish I had those floors, grouches and all! lol

  2. This is SOOOO exciting Lysa! The floor looks AMAZING! It's come up like new. Drat the silly carpet layer, gouging the floor like that, but once your furniture is in there you won't notice them. Can't wait to see the painting, I love those shades of green :) It's going to look brilliant!! You'll be back crafting in no time now.
    Hugs xx