Monday, April 19, 2010

The Book Box

Ok, So my friend Donna is a big big book person. Not only is she an avid reader she is a volunteer with a local library group. "The Friends" have this blow out book sale once a year, make a bunch of $$'s and then sponsor all kind of great programs for the children. They also help our Township's many libraries to stay up to date. Truly a wonderful group of people who give of themselves to give back to the community in which they live. I always thought anyone who gives a bit of time deserves a bit of a thank you. Donna and I had talked last year about a little favor that she could give to the volunteers that help her so much with the Annual Book Sale. I of course go right to candy. It is my favorite and usually an affordable token gift to give. And one of my all time favorites is Hersey Nuggets. I love 'em!! Donna asked if I could make a box that was shaped like a book being this was a book sale gift. Here is what we came up with. I had a blast with this box. I am already thinking of other occasions to use it. How about next Valentine's Day when it morphs into "The Book of Love". Ummm, that should work nicely. We had some time constraints, so in keeping it simple no inked edges, and all black ink for the printing. The inside lid could have (should have) had a sentiment of thanks. Next time round we will allow more time for the project. Just as a shout out to my fav cardstock, I have to tell you that the books were made from k & company double sided cardstock. Best paper EVER!!! and the base boxes were made from recycled black presentation covers. I hope all the volunteers like their little books and have great success at this years sale. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.


  1. Wow! These are sooooo cute! All of your work is beautiful. TFS!

  2. Fantastic! I told you when I seen these books that you made for Donna for her volunteers for the book sale that they came out great and that it was going to be a big hit! Everything that you do in your work comes from the heart and it shows!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Lysa,
    I am one of Donna's volunteers that has donating my time for the book sale for 2 years,and loving it! Donna is a gem and a delight to work with. All the volunteers were so surprised and amazed that your quality of work is so proffesional. I will treasure your candy book forever! Thanks so much.