Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I May Die Broke 'Cause I Cut Corners!

This post is a bit of a laugh at myself, You see I made the book favors for friend Donna. See how each cover has those nice rounded corners. Yeah well, when it comes to cutting corners I am not just good at it, I am what you might call a pro. Sure every crafter needs a corner rounder but no .... Lysa needs .... three! I mean this goes back to the thought process of a master carpenter has the right tools. Yes, I can round corners on cardstock for cards, yes,  I can cut the perfect corner on an entire pad of post it notes with my GATOR(then add a decorative cover) and yes,  I can round the corners of a circa 1972 record album that I have cut in half to make a purse with the corner chomper. PEOPLE .. Please help me. There must be some crafting groups out there that help the addict work through the addiction. There must be a group that says "it's ok ... when the bright pink handle does not match the orange hand punch" ... Why oh why Martha Stewart do you make your punches (made by ek success) in ivory when they (ek success) make their papershapers punches in basic black?! You manufacturers are blowing my craft room mojo right out of it's color coordinated rhelm. It is OK that my husband made me an ink pad caddy out of a recycled cassette holder.(here is where the patriotic music starts to play) It is OK that my ribbon is stored in a 10 drawer putty colored file cabinet that matches absolutely nothing else in the room. I will no longer slave to the 50% coupon from A.C. Moore or Michael's. I will no longer allow the product to effect the art of the craft. I will stand up and say No, I will not stock my craft room with one "do dad" after the next just to feed the addiction. I will move forward by returning to my roots of simple decoupage and quilling. I will not buy the next cool, slick machine that hits the market. (oh except for the new ecraft cutter...no carrier sheet needed...bottom of line people were looking at about $499.. come on... gotta get it..gotta.. like I gotta..really it's OK  I have been saving for it. like for a year and a half.)I think the music is doing whats is called a fade out. OK face it. I am going to use my A.C. Moore coupon, I am going to hit Michael's for their next sale. I simply am a crafter who loves the industry and the products it produces. When I was young I went to camp and my favorite thing was crafting. I treated each basic supply like gold. I loved bringing home to my Mom a silly key chain or braided bracelet. Craft supplies to me were like a magician who learned a new trick. Yes people craft supplies are just that special. And no I don't need a support group, I just need to keep creating. Thanks for helping me laugh and thanks for visiting. Enjoy the evening,


  1. Girl, you totally make me laugh out loud! I can totally relate to this post, too. I'm embarassed to admit that I have FIVE Xyron machines!! Don't even get me started on the ribbon....OMG...talk about addiction!!!

    Keep up the great posts! You brighten my day!

  2. Doobie, You are a hot mess there are know word to describe you as a genius know doubt! You are good of what you do and knowbody can tell me otherwise you make me proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!