Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cheap Can Be Good!

So in the world of cheap, what can be good?  I started to think about this.  I mean I have had my share of cheap clothes (do-able, though they never last), cheap wine (also do-able after the first glass), cheap camping tents (ummmm, not so do-able in a thunder storm) oh how about cheap craft supplies? Yes, cheap craft supplies, a whole world of crafty goodness packed into $2.00.  Yes I can see it now.  A mere investment with a large return.  Now we are talking.  So here is my most favorite, most used, cheapest craft supply EVER.  Are you ready .. here it comes. YES it is in fact is the humble spool of PLASTIC CRAFT LACE.  Yes for $4.00 you can go to town with just two simple colors and make like 100 key chains.  This is my favorite thing to pass out to the kids in the summer.  It is the perfect pool and ocean side craft supply.  Children take to it so quickly.  I remember teaching my daughter and her friends a simple box or spiral stitch and they took to it like a gardener to a pack of seeds.  So much fun in so many great colors.  I stand before you in my virtual craft world to tell you (oh here goes that patriotic music again) to run don't walk but run to the craft store and get yourself some plastic lace.  There is almost always free directions for knots and you will have a blast teaching some 'young'en to lace a lanyard.  Did I mention I have a six year old grand daughter who is prime picken's to teach this fun and oh so classic craft to.  My lord people this summer is going to be my walk down camp memory lane.  I can't wait to sit by the pool with my little grand daughter and start lacing up some crafty-licious key chains for her to give to her Mom.  Hope this gets you thinking about a laid back summer craft that is easy on you and the kids while enjoying the great outdoors.  After all summer is just a breath away.  have a great night and thanks for visiting.

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