Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hi Everyone,
November? November?  I am not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about November! Today is November 21st!
What's up with that?  Paul and I went to the market today for the Thanksgiving run. OMG!, we were in ShopRite for 2 hours.  And yes, we now GOT BIRD!!!  And shrimp too!  The fridge is packed.  I have been going strong with all the holiday prep and I only have a 2 day work week ahead of me.  The ole' homestead is in order, and I am so ready to cook on Thursday.  In the meantime I have been crafting (when not cleaning or working) I am not ready to post pics of this years treats but here is my "little treat by the front door" from last year.  I will tell you that this year Mr. Moose will be holding Magic Raindeer Food.   These little boxes from last year have one Rocher chocolate candy in each little mini cupcake box.  The candy looked just like a little cupcake in this box.  I think I made about 90 of them and brought them everywhere I went.  I hope you like them. and I hope you like my Moose too!  Best wishes to all for a Happy Happy Thanksgiving.  And let the season begin!!!!

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