Sunday, September 19, 2010

And Here It Is ....

So there it is.  The first card I made using the Imagine.  I did like using it.  It did go quickly. But I really only used it to print the dotted orange square and the word Boo.  The current work around for that (until the gypsy update) was provided by Scrappyjess from the cricut message board (Here's a shout out to Thank Jessie) Here is her link: I also cut the Gobblin and Bat from Happy Hauntings. OK so the fact is that I did not need the Imagine for any of it.  I had everything I needed right here in the Craftspace already.  I have loads of digi papers happily living inside of Huey and I certainly could have cut the Gobblin and Bat with my Expression. So than why did I need to purchase the Imagine?  Well the fact is I am hoping Provocraft comes through with some great updates.  I have always liked their products.  I love a lot of what they produce.  I am mostly a favor and tag maker and I have used my cricuts for many things along the way.  I Know ... I know the nay sayers think because they don't have an open source attitude we should not use their products.  People seem to think they are limited products that then limit their (the crafters) creativity.  I really don't think that.  If you buy a rubber stamp you get that 1 stamp in 1 size.  Your options are based on how you use that 1 stamp.  See that little bat up there.  Well I can make many changes to him. Fact is I can make him as you see him at 1 inch, cut from paper to hang out on a card or 12 inches cut from vinyl so that he can hang out on the back door at Halloween.  So that being said I will fully admit I knew going in that the Imagine would not be the end all, be all for my crafting needs.  I saw this as an opportunity to grow along with a currently new released printer/plotter combo unit.  Really people if I had $30,000.00 I just would have gotten a Roland.  But this is where we are at this point in time and ya know my Expression is in pretty bad shape.  Keep in mind, I am the nut who tried to cut a record album with it. My "E" will still be my main box cutter along with my KnK (cause nothing beats that studio software, really I mean NOTHING)  I am glad I got my Imagine (soon to have a name of it's own), I totally enjoyed the release hoopla and I can't wait to see how this product grows.


  1. YOU GO GIRL! This is EXACTLY the way I feel. At first I was like hmmm, why did I buy this--I can print already--I can cut already--and I have a Pazzles too--so printing and cutting could be done from it. I'm a technology girl, and I'm hoping the same thing as you. PS I'm the girl who tried to cut wood laminate with her Expression (teehee)
    Your project is gorgeous as always--you have an amazing eye for design, and should definitly be running a magazine--if you do, don't forget about me!
    Love it girl!