Monday, August 16, 2010

A Second Look

I had some time to take another look at the Halloween graphic I made yesterday.  I left it posted even though I saw things that I wanted to change. First off I had printed it on photo paper and had tried to add some marker ink.  The photo paper didn't take the marker as well as I hoped. I also needed to work on centering the parts and adding some shadows.  I also felt the entire graphic was way to large and needed to be smaller.  I took out the background and this time I printed it on some Martha Stewart card stock.  I like it much more with no color added to it.  I think this would make a great bookmark to go along with a scary paperback non edible treat for Halloween. Ummm, I could see it now! Thanks for visiting,

1 comment:

  1. WOW is all I can say. I love love love all this halloween stuff. I never liked decorating for the holidays or anything but I have been biten by the halloween bug. Probably happened after I bought my expression. You are major talented! If I had a pinkies worth of your talent I would be happy. Your very creative with things I wouldn't have even thought about and quite witty! I'm a geek at heart so I want anything electronic! I have 3 macs! I just got an expression a few months ago and bought the imagine (which is suppose to be here tomorrow). I bought the gypsy cause I thought it may be cool but sold it....didn't do anything for me! Great blog!!