Monday, August 23, 2010


Here we go People!  My weekly SHOUT OUT!
Today's shout out goes to (wait for it) (here it is)
I so love these guys (girls) ya know what I mean!  What a great online shopping experience. I placed my order for some MME Halloween paper that I needed on Saturday at about mid morning EST and I got home from work on Monday and my paper was here already.  Along with a little bonus I might add.  This website was pure costumer service at its best and I can't wait to place another order.  So to you Scrapcastle here is a SHOUT OUT and a note of thanks!!  I appreciate your service and wish you all the best for the coming crafty season!
ps Did I mention that even with the shipping I got a better price than when I bought the paper at my local Michael's store.(which by the way is not so local) (gas does cost $$$!)

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