Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's August and We Know What That Means ....!

... For all who know me it simply means ... HALLOWEEN
Yes I have already started.  I make a lot of Halloween crafts and if I don't start in August it would "spell" disaster.  So because I was not involved in blogging this time last year, I feel the need to throw in the old with the new.  I know I already posted my paper ribbon witch and now here comes one of Halloween 2009 sweet little treats.  I need to say I am a candy specific kinda girl.  Most of the treats I make are for adults.  I can't really see lollipops (though I do love them) for my particular target audience. As you may know I am a Hersey Nugget freak but I also love, love, love Ghirardelli chocolates.  I use them all the time.  I have to wonder if all the families that receive these year after year are thinking ..."oh no, not the Ghirardelli's again!!" yeah I bet they don't and I always mix things up a bit.  There is always an array of chocolate.  I make sure there are dark chocolate, and milk chocolate, almonds etc.  People ... I do know my chocolate!  So here is a simple fold over for a Ghirardelli chocolate.  And please note my little plastic spider. He is a fav of mine.  I also had the pleasure of using my xyron creatopia, which I love but as usual I can't find a adhesive refill locally.  This had become a pet peeve of mine.  I know the internet allows me to freely buy, buy, buy but I really do want to just walk into a store and be able to purchase the product without using my credit card.  I hope you like this project and my tip is that if you have a favorite candy and want to make a simple fold over all you need to do is measure your candy.  I find when you use a simple base and focus on the outer decorations you will come up with something fabulous.  If you want the specific measurements for this leave me a comment or send me an email at  And please take a minute to ahhhh over the stampin up designer papers.  I so love their paper!!  Thanks for visiting, Lysa

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  1. Hi Lysa,

    I too love Halloween! My oldest son is fanatical for it, I think he may like it even more than Christmas. The funny part about that is that he is not a big fan of candy! He just really loves dressing up and "scaring" people. I also do a Halloween crafty treat every year. I haven't decided what I am going to do yet this year, but I will have to get started as soon as I get the Back to School stuff done. I will post the treat that I made last year soon, they turned out so cute!