Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And There's Those Bunnies

Hey All,
Oh those Lindt Bunnies, Ya gotta love 'em. And please notice the lambs and chicks too. These sliceform eggs were a file I purchased from Paperthreads a few years back. I loved it so much that I bought the apple too. I cut them with my KnK and the paper is Bazzil I studied this file over and over and finally came up with a Christmas tree. I mean these sliceforms are all about math. yeah math. like uh no ... I don't do math. Nope it was a struggle to say the least. but when it was all said and done I broke down and talked to the Hubby and of course he got it going and I had success with the tree. But I gotta say this file and the apple file were so worth the money. For non designers I highly recommend getting some sliceform files. People love how they fold flat. You can mail them or work them into cards. They are so cool. Notice these are from my pre inking days.(oh the shame of no ink!)and need I mention that they are not embossed either! Well those days are so O-V-E-R!! Hope this gets you going for making some Easter goodies. I know I better get going as the Bunny is on his way. Have a great day, Thanks for visiting!

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