Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Picture Is All Me!

I have been looking through pictures to post, and I came across this photo. I have to tell you that this picture describes me perfectly. I could not stop laughing. I did feel the need to edit out the (oh so hideous ashtray) but I really think that is shows my true calling to the crafting world. 2 VAIOs ... 2 Wisblades! oh (ah ha moment enters into my crafty brain) so this is where all the money is going. Oh please just wait till I show you the Brother Flashstamp machine! I really do need to get a grip. But I gotta say MACHINES seem to float my boat! If I can plug it in to an outlet I am on Cloud 9! This picture comes from the wedding bubble project for Heather and Anthony. and to be honest while all of this was cutting there was an HP Desktop bouncing CD's for the Music CD place cards. So funny, but ya know this is the stuff that I choose to make my memories out of.
Thanks for visiting, Lysa

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