Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's All About The Favors

Yeah, That's the thing with me. I love the favors. If I have to make 10 of something I am thrilled. If I have to make 75, well then it's even better! I have to say quantity gets me going. One thing I really love is when I am making favors and I can incorporate a persons handwriting into the favors. Here are 2 examples of that. I feel like it makes the favor more personal, almost like the person had their hands on the project. My grand-daughter was moving from preschool to kindergarten and the favor for the teachers had a photo of when they met her as well as when they waved her off to "big girl shcool" in addition to her words of thanks. Max was leaving home for new adventures at college and even though a formal "Thank-You" needed to be sent, these favors were an instant thank you on the dessert table in his own hand. So easy to do, just have the person or people (in a couple event) write on white paper in black ink, scan, and import into your project. I just love this added touch. I hope you will consider this the next time you are faced with making the tag for your favor project. It truly brings a new level of personality and homemade goodness to your craft project. Thanks for visiting!

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