Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Little Black Cat That Started It All

So addiction has to start somewhere. For me it was this little black cat. When I got the blue wishblade in 2006, this was the first die cut I made. I think back to the software and laugh to myself because everything I did was hand traced. This cat was a Broderbund Print Shop software clipart graphic that I imported as a .JPEG and traced. I can't tell you how many of him I made. Facing left, Facing right, With a name, No name, Sprayed with glitter and some left plain, On a sign, and hanging on the Halloween tree. He was everywhere. I still love the little guy. and he was my very first file share on the Paperthreads forum. I was so proud when I uploaded that file. I really felt like I had a handle on the software when I made him. Always remember we all need a starting point, you know that jumping off point we all have been at and then when you least expect it you begin to answer more questions then you are asking. I love making something out of paper. Almost all of us have been handed a sheet of paper when we were small. By a Parent or a Teacher. We write thoughts, we doodle, we cut it, fold it. Come on people we folded it into paper airplanes, fortune tellers, and footballs in school when we were young. Its only rival is possibly a cats cradle string. Paper has my heart and always will. I never see it as flat or of no color. I see it with dimension and flair. Keep in mind a simple poem on a page can add all the depth needed. Have a great evening and grab some paper, a pencil, and someone close by, draw a tic tac toe board and play a game, you will be glad you did. Thanks for visiting!

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