Friday, March 12, 2010

Diaper Cakes Revisited

Diaper cakes always are a winner. No matter how they are made. No matter if they are a gift for the new Mom or a centerpiece for the tables. I just love them. I know the cost of making them is through the roof. But people they make a hit!! I love when they are themed to the new baby's nursery and in the color scheme of Mom's choice. This pink and chocolate cake matched the nursery it was going to and because the diapers are a larger size there is no need to dismantle the cake right away. Here is a quick shout out to the you tube watchers who saw the video and were so nice to comment. I really wish I had the time to get into making instructional videos but time for me seems to be a premium these days. If you need any tips on making a diaper cake or any other project you see here, leave a comment and I will help anyway I can. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!


  1. I got raves with the diaper cake I made for my daughter's baby shower in June! I love the pink and brown one you have pictured here---I have a request to make a non-gender cake for a shower in 2 weeks. I guess, what?, yellow, white and green?? Looks like those are my choices. Again, thank you SO much for the instructions on this simple-to-make cake!!! Much easier than struggling with layered diapers!