Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well if we are talking purses - Let's talk Miche

OK so I go to Atlantic City for the Antique Road Show ... NO I didn't get on the show! Oh well, But while hanging in the hotel room at the Borgata I see this infomercial for this this purse called a Miche Bag. It's like the coolest thing. It is this simple purse that you change the covers of the purse to match your outfit. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. They sell these magnetic covers so you just change the outside of the bag and leave all your inside stuff. Ahhhh, This is one of those ...GEEE I should have thought of that moments. So when I got home I told the ole BFF Nadine about it and sure enough we were hooked. Alright let's get real .. I am by no means a fashion statement but on the other hand, Nay is. You had to see us with this bag. If there was yellow in the outfit, there was yellow in the bag. The set up of this Utah based company was like Tupperware. They have home parties. Their product line is beautiful. And of course they have the heart warming story of how a career woman blah blah doesn't have time to change her purse from day to night blah, blah so she invents this cool system to save time, stay in fashion, you know how it goes ... and now she is a multi million $ company. Well OK she deserves it. I admit shame, on us crafty people for not coming up with the idea. But I saw this purse ... spent 100.00 on my first order, fell in love with the magnets. I had to try to make a cover. I had to! like people I had to ... It's ok that I called the state of California to order the credit card safe neo magnets! It's ok that I called Pennsylvania to get the purse feet for the bottom of the purse cover. I was on a mission. Money for supplies became second to creating 1 simple Miche cover for my bag. It did not matter my simple $3.59 worth of cheap cotton fabric would become a Miche cover if it was the last thing I ever was to do. Ahh the obsession, the driving force behind the true crafter. But the effort was worth it. Here are just 3 pictures of my covers and I have made so many others. The best part of the whole Miche story was that I took out my sewing machine that had been gather dust in the corner for probably 10 years. I just love when I make something! Thanks for visiting and as always if your looking for tips on how I did the covers just give me a shout out.

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  1. Aaah, love these too! And I thought the same thing when I first saw one... how come I didn't think of that!? I mean hey, I am a career woman who doesn't have time to switch out bags... I was lucky to find purses in various neutral floors so I would "kind of" match, lol.
    I haven't ordered one but did think of how to make it myself... that is still on the drawing board and my machine is still in it's case... lol.
    Kudos to you for taking this to a superior level. Love your "skins".