Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OK! This Works

People please .....
I upload one video and now I am addicted. Yeah just like that, this blogging thing is GOOOOOOD. I like it. I'm feel'n all crafty and artsy and techno granny like. Now I know I should have started sooner. So here is the hubby's response. Ya ready ... Here it is ... "Did ya need the skull... ya know it doesn't scream Welcome" Well his heart is always in the right place. People don't come better than him. but here is the thing if I have one holiday to craft for and I mean 1, it would have to be Halloween. It's my favorite. OK here's is the deal. I view it as fun, plain and simple fun. No gift buying pressure, no large menu to feed 25, just plain ole fun. so stay tuned and watch for some crafty Halloween fun. Of course you'll get to see Easter first. Thanks again for visiting,
ps Hey Nadine

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