Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Is Here and So Are Bunnies!

Oh Yeah, Spring is here! I was outside with no jacket, no gloves, no scarf and was wearing a short sleeve shirt. Can this be true or a mere treat for the weekend? But one thing for sure is, it was time to have a look at those Lindt bunnies. Ok so I was so overtaken by the warm weather and I had to put up some Easter decorations and then there was the cleaning of the house and last nights dinner and laundry too. (ok let's just blow of the laundry) so I finally get into the craftspace and I have 30 Lindt bunnies looking at me and I'm thinking Geeee what am I going to do with you guys. So thanks to a total lack of basket - box inspiration, I thought to myself - "self, this looks like cheat'en time!" So I took said adorable Lindt bunnies out of their happy, lovely package, scanned in said package and created the .... are you still with me ... the same package, only a house for one happy little Lindt bunny. I LOVE IT! I have to do this more often. Sure, no more brain stress. I will simply take the package that the big company designed and copy it with my own spin. OK I'm just kidding. I was just pressed for time and needed 30 of these, so every now and again we all have to draw some inspiration from something that is right in front of us. I like the way these favors came out and I might just add a little something to the space in the lower left corner. Hope you like them too! Thanks for visiting, Lysa

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  1. Hey Dental Technican, What's up with the bunnies I don't see any dark chocholate here are you holding out on me? I thought we was best bud's! I'll let this slide this time but don't let it happen again you are lucky that I love you so much. "Your favorite Doobie"