Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old Records = Crafty Goodness

Well yet again I have to dig into the past. A craft project, any craft project is good. but when the person who is making a craft has a thought process it sort of transfers to a bit more. Now others might not see this but the person I made it for did. My friend Kathy (Hi Kathy) had a lovely cat name Dolly. Dolly left this world after a happy life and wonderful care by her family. If I don't tell you anymore can you figure it out. I think you can. On a lighter note did you know scroll saws cut old vinyl records. Yep those blades just eat through vinyl. I love cutting up old records. The next time you are at a garage sale, pick one up, break it, crack it, cut it, or even melt it (a 250 degree oven for like 1 minute works) and make something fun. Ya know what you can take a fav album go to the craft store and buy a clock movement and make a clock (the hole is already drilled). Whatever you do with it you will enjoy what you have made. Have a great night and thanks for visiting!


  1. Very cool record cat! Sorry about your friends loss. Might have to see what I have around here. TFS!

  2. Hey Dental Techincan,

    Cool Cat way to go! Sorry to hear but she will alway's have the wonderful memories and the joy that it brought to the family if anything remember that. "Doobie Nay"

  3. Love this cat!!!!