Monday, March 1, 2010

The First Post

Here we go,
I am a newbie just in the early stages of blogging. I get requests all the time for pictures of my crafts and was hoping this would be the venue in which to share. I am a bit green around the gills so please help me along as I am open to any suggestions. I will try my best to share what I can and hope to learn along the way. For my first post a bit of history is needed. I started digital die cutting back in 2006 when I purchased my Xyron Wishblade. The little blue guy got a big workout but I needed more. I mostly make party favors so I wanted a larger width for cutting. Enter my KnK. So cool and powerful and the software was a dream. Of course I need to say up front that if not for the Paperthreads Forum and Sandy McCauley over at I would have never been able to use this cutters to the max. As I sit here typing this I can see my blog bookmarks and there are just so many people who don't even know me yet they have taught me everything that I know today. These are true crafters who wish to share and teach. The fact is that after 2 or so years of learning from all these talented people I now feel like a true papercrafter. I don't just look at things anymore and think "I can make that" now I daydream designs and can't wait to run home from work to try and make them. I have loved and played with paper since kindergarten and now as a grandmother I still find the fun and joy in one simple piece of paper. Thank you all so much and please visit and watch me grow.


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures of all the wonderful crafts you make up here:)

  2. I have loved all of your crafts for years. I am envious. I can't wait to see the paper crafts posted. Now, here is a list of what you can make for me........ Juest kidding

  3. You are officially bookmarked!!!