Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's Talk Purses

Hey All,
I know I wanted to focus this blog on papercrafts but I am just not there yet. A few years back I got caught up in this reuse, reduce, recycle, & repurpose mode. I was down in LBI (favorite Jersey beach area) and I came across a purse made from an old record album. Gotta tell you it was love at first sight and after a quick study and a large $$$ purchase I knew I could make these with a bit of effort. So true to form and true to Lysa, instead of a slow approach the first thing I tried was to tape a record to one of my cutting mats and run it through my KnK cutter. yeah like I put 150 lines into the software and thought it would cut through a circa 1972 vinyl record album. OK OK so it didn't work. But admit it you would try it too. Need I say I tried with my cricut expression as well. So I went back to the drawing board and used my fisker paper timer to cut the record. All it needed was a bit of elbow grease and masking tape to keep it steady. I punched the holes and set the eyelets with my crop-a-dile. I stopped using regular old records and started buying new picture disc records to make them as gifts. Here are some pictures of my favorites and if anyone wants instructions or wants to make one, feel free to post a comment and I will help any way I can. Bare with me as I try to learn to post pictures in a orderly fashion. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy the day!


  1. your purses are AMAZING mrs.c. Your great at what you do. Cant wait to see the new things you come up with :D xoxo Michelle.

  2. Absolutely awesome! I would love to have the instructions

  3. Ok... I must admit, totally awesome but Lysa, you are totally crazy to cut up the picture LPs!! I wonder... a regular LP, well still old and many sought after but... and then a vinyl (actual stickyback vinyl) printed with image and cut, adhered to LP...
    I too love the recycle/ repurpose crafts and have done so much with albums but I don't think I am as brave as you to cut one with the pic! LOL Your creativity is amazing!